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Editorial board member | Prof. Rajendra D Badgaiyan

Prof. Rajendra D Badgaiyan

Department of Psychiatry
Write State University
United States of America

Prof. Rajendra D Badgaiyan, MD,is a psychiatrist and cognitive neuroscientist. His research is focused on the study of neural and neurochemical mechanisms that control the human brain functions. He developed the single scan dynamic molecular imaging technique to detect, map, and measure neurotransmitters released acutely in the human brain during task performance. Using this technique, he studies dopaminergic control of human cognition and behavior. He is also interested in learning the nature of dysregulated dopamine neurotransmission in different psychiatric and neuropsychiatric conditions. He is particularly interested in the brain mechanisms that modify reward system at cortical and subcortical levels. His research is funded by NIMH, NINDS, VA, and various foundations. He served in the faculty of Harvard Medical School, SUNY Buffalo and University of Minnesota. Currently he is Professor of Psychiatry at Write State University.

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