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Dr. Artemi Cerda

Department of Geography
University of Valencia

Dr. Artemi Cerda is a Professor in the Department of Geography at University of Valencia, Spain. He developed his PhD researching the Infiltration Capacity of Mediterranean Soil from 1989 till 1993. His post-doctorate studies in The Netherlands, Israel, Bolivia and Extremadura researched on the soil hydrology, the impact of climate on geomorphological processes and on the fire and agriculture impact on soils. His position as researched in the Desertification Research Centre and the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology from 1998 till 2002 about the interaction of seeds, plants and erosion, and the land management and soil erosion in the Pyrenees contributed to an open view of the soil erosion processes accelerated by the humankind. His research interest include soil erosion, land degradation, desertification, agriculture managements, Mediterranean, soil hydrology.

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