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Editorial board member | Dr. Kathryn Kamo

Dr. Kathryn Kamo

Plant Physiologist
Floral & Nursery Plant Research Unit
United States Department of Agriculture
United States of America
Tel: 301-504-5350

Dr. Kathryn Kamo is a Plant Physiologist at United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). She worked as visiting professor for The Advanced Institute for Technology, Kinki University, Japan. Dr. Kamo received her PhD from Indiana University in Plant Sciences and Microbiology in the year 1982. She developed the technology for genetic engineering of gladiolus that is reproducible and applicable to many cultivars, developed gladiolus plants with short-term resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus and isolated a polyubiquitin promoter from gladiolus that has been found to direct high levels of gene expression in gladiolus. Dr. Kamo research focuses on Identifying genes that affect the development of the root lesion nematode and use these genes in lilies to develop resistance to nematodes etc.

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