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Editorial board member | Prof. Abdul Kader Souid

Prof. Abdul Kader Souid

Professor of Pediatrics
College of Medicine & Health Sciences
United Arab Emirates University
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971-3-713-7429

Dr. Abdul Kader Souid is a Professor of Pediatrics in College of Medicine & Health Sciences at UAE University. He received his Ph.D in Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at State University of New York in 1995. His research is focused on human health and approached using both clinical observations and analytical investigations. Drugs are studied using cellular respiration (measured by a phosphorescence oxygen analyzer) as a novel biomarker for their mode-of-action and toxicity. My goal is to promote the significance of including cellular biogenetics (the delivery of O2 to mitochondria, the breakdown of reduced fuels with passage of electrons to O2, and the resulting synthesis of ATP) in biological studies of diseases and their treatment.

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