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Editorial board member | Dr. Dimitrios Tsaoulidis

Dr. Dimitrios Tsaoulidis

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical and Process Engineering
University of Surrey
United Kingdom

Dr. Dimitrios Tsaoulidis is an Asst Professor of Chemical Engineering in the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering at University of Surrey. He obtained his Diploma in Chemical Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and his PhD in Chemical Engineering from University College London. His research interests evolve around clean energy, healthcare, and manufacturing and particularly their connection with micro scale technologies. He specializes in complex multi-phase flows at different scales (micro-to-macro) and their application to process intensification. His research combines advanced experimental investigations of multi-phase hydrodynamics and transport phenomena that are enabled by cutting-edge sensing and measurement technologies, as well as numerical simulations, modelling, and optimization. Outcomes of his work have been published in over 50 peer reviewed journal and conference papers, and he received a Springer Thesis award for his PhD Thesis in sustainability.

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