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Editorial board member | Dr. Tarek Arabi Ganat

Dr. Tarek Arabi Ganat

Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Petronas
+6010-43 76801

Tarek Ganat joined the university since January 2017 as lecturer in the Petroleum Engineering department at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia. He has a BSc, MSc, and PhD all in petroleum Engineering and has more than twenty-five years of experience in various aspects with expertise of production and reservoir engineering through the participation of integrated studies with different oil and gas companies such as Gowoff Oil Company (1 year), Libya, Repsol Exploration Company (12 ½ years), Spain, Petro-Canada Oil Company (3 years), Canada, and PETRONAS Grigali Oil company (6 years), Malaysia. His Professional experience was developed in the oil and gas industry in tanning centers and largely work experience focused around subsurface evaluation for Green fields and Brown Fields. Wide range of Overseas experience gained in fractured carbonate and clastic reservoir characterization, and full field development. Considerable experience in the application of petroleum industry related packages in multinational and multicultural JV’s.

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