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Editorial board member | Prof. Masaru Miyazaki

Prof. Masaru Miyazaki

Director and Professor
IUHW Mita Hospital
Tel: +81-3-3451-8121

Dr. Masaru Miyazaki is a director and Professor of IUHW Mita Hospital, and Vice President of International University of Health and Welfare, Japan. He graduated from School of Medicine, Chiba University in 1975, and trained at General Surgery of the First Department Chiba University as a surgical resident and fellow till 1981. Masaru Miyazaki went to Toronto University as a research fellow in 1981, and stayed 2 years under Prof. Rudy Falk. He has been working at Department of General Surgery, Chiba University since 1983, and he was promoted to Professor and Chairman in 2001, also Director of Chiba University Hospital and the Vice-President of Chiba University in 2011. Dr. Miyazaki has been a president of the Society of Japan Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic Surgery since 2012. He hosted 112th Annual meeting of Japan Surgical Society in 2012, also 49th Annual meeting of Japan Biliary Society in 2013, as a president of congress. He received an award of; Japanese Society for Advancement of Surgical Techniques Research Encouragement Award 1997, Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery Art of the Year, Section of Surgery 2015, and 25th Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology Conference Pune 2015 for delivering the IASG-AIG Oration at XXV National Conference, Pune, 2015. Dr. Miyazaki's research intrests include HPB (Hepatopancreatobiliary) malignancy, HPB surgery, Liver transplantation.

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