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Editorial board member | Dr. Cindy Linn

Dr. Cindy Linn

Department of Biological Sciences
Western Michigan University
MI, United States of America
Tel: 269-387-5615

Dr. Cindy Linn is a neurophysiologist whose interests concern the cellular mechanisms involved in visual processing in the vertebrate retina. She obtained Ph. D. in Neurophysiology from Rice University, Houston, TX and Post doc in Neurophysiology from University of Texas, Galveston, TX and University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. She then started working as Assistant Professor in Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy at LSU Health Sciences Center, LA. Dr. Linn also worked as Associate Professor in Western Michigan University and LSU Health Sciences Center. A major focus in her lab deals with neuroprotection against glutamate-induced excitotoxicity using an in vitro model of excitotoxicity and an in vivo model of glaucoma. In the in vitro studies, adult pig and rat retinal ganglion cells are isolated from other retinal neurons and cultured under excitotoxic-inducing conditions. Studies in the lab have identified a number of a7 acetylcholine receptor agonists that prevent retinal ganglion cells from dying under excitotoxic conditions. The mechanisms associated with excitotoxicity and neuroprotection against excitotoxocity are analyzed using a combination of pharmacological, immunocytochemical, electrophysiological and ELISA techniques. In addition to in vitro studies, a rat model of glaucoma has been developed in adult Long Evans rats to analyze the effects of neuroprotective agents on retinal ganglion cell survival under physiological conditions. In this model, glaucoma is induced in one eye of adult rats and potential neuroprotective agents are introduced to the retina to determine if introduction of these agents to the retina prevents the loss of retinal ganglion cells that is normally associated with glaucoma. Research interests for Cindy Linn include Excitotoxicity, Glaucoma, Retinal pharmacology, Neurophysiology in retina, Alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, Retinal ganglion cells, Neuroprotection.

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