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Editorial board member | Dr. Anna Wloszczak-Szubzda

Dr. Anna Wloszczak-Szubzda

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
University of Economy and Innovation

Dr. Anna Wloszczak-Szubzda is working as an Associate Professor in University of Economy and Innovation, Poland. Dr. Wloszczak-Szubzda has a master's degree in Philosophy with teaching qualifications, obtained at the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, and the title of Mental Health Prevention Specialist obtained at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology at this University. Subsequently, she defended a doctoral thesis (Ph.D.) at the Medical University, Lublin. She educates students in the following areas: mental health prevention, social and interpersonal communication, and prevention of addictions, also carries out vocational training courses for medical staff in communication skills. As a researcher, she is interested in the scope of problems concerning professional interpersonal and social communication in health sciences, with particular consideration of electronic media communication (Internet, TV, radio).