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Editorial board member | Dr. David Cory Adamson

Dr. David Cory Adamson

Department of Molecular Neuro-oncology Lab
Emory University
United States of America
Tel: 404-778-5770

Dr. David Cory Adamson serves as a Director at Emory University and also as a Chief in the Department of Neurosurgery, Atlanta VAMC. He worked as Associate Professor of Neurobiology at Duke University. Dr. Adamson received his PhD in 1998 from Johns Hopkins University. His present research was supported by NIH, American Brain Tumor Association Discovery Grants, Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology Grants, American Brain Tumor Association Basic Science Grants. Dr. Adamson was honored with numerous awards which includes Top Healthcare Provider in Atlanta, Walter E. Dandy Neurosurgical Society etc. His research focuses on Molecular understanding of high grade CNS glioma oncogenetics and signaling pathways, Molecular understanding of migration and stem cells in high grade gliomas, Local and international brain tumor biorepositories etc.

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