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Editorial board member | Dr. Tewfik Jermyn Bichay

Dr. Tewfik Jermyn Bichay

Director of Medical Physics
The Lacks Cancer Center
St. Marys Health Care
United States of America
Tel: 616-863-8664

Dr. Tewfik Jermyn Bichay is serving as a Director of Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology, The Lacks Cancer Center. He is also working as Radiation Safety Officer, Mercy Health Grand Rapids. Dr. Bichay worked as Chief Radiation Oncology Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer, Department of Radiation Oncology, Hurley Medical Centre. He also wokred as Medical Physicist in the Department of Medical Physics, Ottawa Regional Cancer Center, Canada. Dr. Bichay received his PhD in Medical Biophysics at University of Western Ontario, Canada. He has several Patents which include design of a compact doorless high energy vault etc. Dr. Bichay received International Congress of Radiation Research Young Investigator Travel Award and received Radiation Research Society Young Investigator Travel Award. His Main interests include stereotactic radiosurgery for brain lesions.

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