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Editorial board member | Prof. Kurt A Jellinger

Prof. Kurt A Jellinger

Institute of Clinical Neurobiology
Department of Neurobiology
Tel: +43-1-526-65-34

Dr. Kurt A Jellinger worked as Associate Professor in the institute of Neurology Vienna (1996); Full Professor of neuropathology Med. Univ. Vienna (1973); Director Deptartment of Neurology, Lainz-Hospital, Vienna (1976-30 September 1997); Director, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Clinical Neurobiology, Vienna (1977-2002); Guest Professor Univ.of Graz & Innsbruck School of Medicine (1998-2000); since May 2002 Chief, Institute of Clinical Neurobiology, Vienna, Austria. Dr. Kurt A Jellinger is an Executive editor Acta Neuropathologica (1978-2005), member of editorial boards of many international journals. 568 papers in international refereed journals and 332 reviews and chapters in handbooks, editor and co-editor of 10 books. Reviewer for many international scientific journals. Editor-in-Chief of three free access neurology and neurobiology journals.Dr. Kurt A Jellinger research interests include neuropathology, brain aging, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, non-Alzheimer dementias, movement disorders, CNS aging, neurodegenerative disorders and vascular dementia, multiple system atrophy, vascular depression.

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