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Editorial board member | Dr. Konstantinos Tsirigotis

Dr. Konstantinos Tsirigotis

Department of Psychology
Jan Kochanowski University
Tel: +48-44-732-74-00

Dr. Konstantinos Tsirigotis is Department Head of Psychology in Jan Kochanowski University, Poland. Dr. Tsirigotis is honored with the first prize for the best original, research project in the area of psychiatry, Polish Psy-chiatric Association, 1998, The Jan Kochanowski University Rector Award for scientific and academic achievements 2011-2015. Dr. Konstantinos Tsirigotis research interests include psycho(patho)logy of schizophrenia, indirect self-destructiveness, addiction and other clinical issues, psychological help and psychotherapy, gender psychology and psychopathology, psychology and psychopathology of women, psychology of love and positive psychology.

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