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Editorial board member | Dr. Henrik Berg Rasmussen

Dr. Henrik Berg Rasmussen

Associate Professor
Mental Health Centre Sct. Hans
Copenhagen University Hospital

Dr. Henrik Berg Rasmussen is a Research Leader at the Institute of Biological Psychiatry and a Head of the "Unit of Personalized Medicine”, Mental Health Centre Sct. Hans, the Psychiatric Services of the Capital Region of Denmark. He is also an Associate Professor of Medical Biology, Roskilde University, Denmark. He graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. In 1987 he recieved his Ph.D degree within the fields of microbiology and immunology. Before acquiring his present position at the Institute of Biological Psychiatry in 2001, Dr. Rasmussen held the positions as scientific fellow and research associate professor at the Laboratory of Neurochemistry and Neuroimmunology, Roskilde University. Dr. Rasmussen’s research interests include psychiatric genetics, personalized medicine and metabolomics. His vision is to improve the pharmacological treatment of ADHD, psychotic disorders and cardiovascular diseases using pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics supplemented with metabolomics.

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