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Prof. Swapan K Ray

Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology
University of South Carolina
United States of America
Tel: 803-216-3420

Dr. Swapan K Ray is a Professor in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology, University of South Carolina School of Medicine, United States of America. Dr. Swapan K Ray received his Ph.D. from University of Calcutta, India. Dr. Swapan K Ray research interests includes the understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of malignant diseases such as glioblastoma, neuroblastoma, and Ewing's sarcoma and also neurodegenerative disorders such as spinal cord injury (SCI), brain ischemia, traumatic brain injury (TBI), Alzheimer's disease (AD), amyotropic lateral sclerosis (ALS), epilepsy, glaucoma, Parkinson's disease (PD), and multiple sclerosis (MS) and development of novel therapeutic strategies for their treatments.

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