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Dr. Biosk Massimo Dominici

Associate Professor
Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences
Cell Biology Laboratory and Advanced Therapies Oncology,
Tel: +39-059-422-2858

Dr. Biosk Massimo Dominici is an Associate Professor of Medical Oncology, Head of the Laboratory of Cellular Therapies, Director of the residency school in medical oncology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Modena, Italy). He had research grants between 26 and awards for more than 6 M euro. He published more than 110 papers in press on stem cells, tissue regeneration, experimental oncology and hematology with over 12500 citations, H-index: 32. He is an Author of 3 books, 3 chapters and 7 patents. He is a scientific founder of the University start-up Rigener and, founder and scientific coordinator of the Mirandola Science & Tecnology Park. Co-editor, editorial board member and referee for over 50 scientific Journals, referee for 16 national & international founding Bodies. He has been co-founder of the Forum of Italian Researcher on MSC (FIRST), board member of JACIE, WBMT and advisor for the Italian Minister of Health. He has been a member of ISCT, ASH, ESCGT, IFATS, IPLASS. He has been President of ISCT 2014-2016, now Chair of the ISCT advisory board and chair of the ISCT presidential task-force on unproven cellular therapy.

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