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Editorial board member | Dr. Awad A Magbri

Dr. Awad A Magbri

Dialysis Access Center of Pittsburgh
Presbyterian Church
United States of America
Tel: 412-406-7490

Dr. Awad A Magbri is currently working as Director and Interventional Nephrologist in Dialysis Access Center of Pittsburgh/Renal Endocrine Associates at Presbyterian Church. Dr. Magbri completed Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery M.B.Ch.B (MD) from Benghazi University, Libya. He obtained Doctorate of Medicine (MD) from the National University of Ireland/University College Galway. Dr. Magbri research interests include: Encouraging researches in the fields of medicine in the third world countries and nurturing the spirit of investigating new avenues in medicine to help raise the awareness and standards of health care to all patients irrespective of ethnicity, religion affiliation, or social status; Exploring new approaches and avenues to maintain healthy vascular access to patients with end stage kidney diseases; Coaching and educating young doctors and medical students to assume their future role in community medicine.

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