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Editorial board member | Prof. Farid Amirouche

Prof. Farid Amirouche

Department of Orthopaedics
College of Medicine
University of Illinois
United States of America

Prof. Farid Amirouche is professor in Department of Orthopaedics, University of Illinois at Chicago. He is also professor of Mechanical and Bioengineering. He is the Director of the Biomechanics Research Laboratory. His current research spans a large area of orthopedics, human joint and prostheses, biomechanics and medical devices. Prof. Amirouche was awarded the Palmes Academiques de France in 2006. The prestigious “Palmes Academiques” title is awarded by the govt. of France for the meritorious work done in the academic field. His past research was supported by NIH, NIOSH, NSF, NASA, US Air Force and several industrial companies including Baxter, Johnson and Johnson Depuy Orthopedics and Zimmer. Prof. Amirouche has developed a broad experience in orthopedic biomechanics and related areas where he works on innovative new solutions and the realization, from concept phase to market readiness. Prof. Amirouche specializes in the major aspects of intelligent prosthesis and patient specific implants as well as specific product development: orthopedic advanced technologies. Prof. Amirouche particular research interests are in the areas of knees/hips and spine biomechanics and biological tissues and the bone/implant interface, implant durability and wear, kinematics and kinetics of human joints, experimental and finite element analysis used to characterize the mechanical behavior of biological tissues and reconstructive devices for orthopedic, spinal surgery and clinical interventions.

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