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Editorial board member | Prof. Salvatore Magazu

Prof. Salvatore Magazu

Department of Physics and Earth Sciences
University Of Messina Viale Ferdinando
Tel: 090-676-5025

Prof. Salvatore Magazu is a Professor of Experimental Physics in Department of Physics and Earth Sciences at University Of Messina Viale Ferdinando, Italy. He received his Ph.D in Physics, fourth cycle, at the Department of Physics, University of Messina in 1988. He Worked as Associate Professor, scientific field FIS/01 Experimental Physics at University of Messina. Prof. Magazu has been a visiting professor at the University of Odessa and at the University of Lille. The research topics addressed are manifold, and also different in some respects, emerges as a common leitmotif: the integrated use of experimental techniques of investigation, such as laser light scattering, infrared absorption, neutron scattering, etc. for the characterization of the space-time correlations of physical systems disordered.

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