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Dr. Vincenzo Barone

Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Scuola Normale
University of Pisa

Dr. Vincenzo Barone is Director of ScuolaNormaleSuperiore. After graduating in chemistry (1976), he continued his formation at the Universities of Marseille, Grenoble, Paris, Erlangen, nuremberg, Montreal and Berkeley. In 1982 he became Associate Professor and in 1994 Full Professor in Physical Chemistry at the Federico II University of Naples. Since 2008 he is Full Professor in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at the ScuolaNormaleSuperiore (Pisa-Italy). The main research interests of Dr. Vincenzo Barone are related to a theoretical microscopic approach for the study of structural, dynamic, electronic and spectroscopic properties of complex systems (materials, nanostructures, biomolecules, “soft matter”), as well as of their reactivity. This analysis is based on the development of an integrated tool for the accurate description of physical-chemical processes in condensed phases, including a general and powerful electronic model (the result of the development of original and effective approaches in the framework of the density functional theory), an accurate description of solute-solvent interactions (through mixed discrete continuum models), and the inclusion of the most important effects of nuclear motions (vibrational averaging of physical-chemical observables, reaction rates, vibronic structures, slow motions).

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