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Prof. Giancarlo Jug

Department of Condensed Matter Physics
Universita dell Insubria
Tel: 39-031-238 6219

Prof. Giancarlo Jug is a Professor in the Department of Sciences at Insubria University/Physics Sector and teaches basic and advanced physics courses. He worked as a Research Fellow at Oxford University, Max-Planck Institutes, and lately was Visiting Professor at McGill University, Department of Physics, Center for Materials Research, Canada. Prof. Jug received his PhD in Theoretical Physics from University of Kent, UK in 1981. His research was supported by grants which include FAPESP, MIUR, European Commission's Individual and Network Research Grant, INFN Research Grants, etc. Prof. Jug research interests focus on Theoretical and phenomenological condensed-matter physics, classical and quantum; statistical physics and its applications, with emphasis on amorphous solid science.

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