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Editorial board member | Dr. Guilherme Colherinhas

Dr. Guilherme Colherinhas

Associate Professor
Department of Physics
Goias Federal University
Tel: 62-9-8535-5475

Dr. Guilherme Colherinhas is an associate professor at the Universidade Federal de Goiás, acting as head of the Department of Physics and the Group of Theoretical and Computational Physics of the Centro de Ensino e Pesquisa Aplicada a Educacao (CEPAE - Center for Education and Research Applied to Education). He received his Ph.D in Physics from the Universidade Federal de Goias. He has experience in solvent effects on spectroscopic properties of organic molecules in solution, especially properties such as: optical absorption, nuclear magnetic resonance and spin-spin coupling; Modeling of nanostructured systems (polypeptides, Carbon nanomaterials, BODIPY and other semiconductors) and host-host simulations (such as: C60 fullerene and hosts such as curcubituril CB[n] macro molecules).

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