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Editorial board member | Dr. Gilberto Dantas Saraiva

Dr. Gilberto Dantas Saraiva

Associate Professor
Department of Physics
The Ceara State University
Tel: 55-8834451036

Dr. Gilberto Dantas Saraiva is an Associate Professor in the Physics Department at the Ceara State University, Brazil. He obtained a Degree in Sciences from the Ceara State University (1999), as well as a Bachelor Degree (2003), a Master Degree (2004) and a PhD Degree (2008) in Physics from the Federal University of Ceara. Currently he is a permanent member of the National Master's Professionals in the Teaching of Physics (MNPEF) at the Faculty of Education, Sciences and Letters in the “Sertao Central” of the Quixada city. He is acting as a contributing member for the Post-Graduation Program in Physics at the Federal University of Piaui (UFPI). His is particularly specialized in the application of the Raman Spectroscopy in nanostructured materials, molybdates (tungstates) and fatty acids, with emphasis in the phase transitions under high pressures (hydrostatic) and temperatures. He is also a leading young scientist in Brazil, as well as leading a group of synthesis and molecular prospections.

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