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Dr. Ming Yu

Associate Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY, United States of America
Tel: 502-852-0931

Dr. Ming Yu is an Associate Professor in Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Louisville,Louisville, KY, United States of America.Major Research Interests are Condensed matter and materials theory including (1) development of a highly efficient quantum mechanics-based molecular dynamics scheme which is particularly suitable for complex and large scale materials; (2) fundamental insight into nanomaterial properties including the energetics, the morphology, and electronic properties of C, Si, and B-based nanostructures; (3) revealing novel nanostructures including the bucky-diamond SiC clusters and the low dimensional boron structures based on the icosahedral B12 for their potential application as components of nanoscale electronic devices and chemical sensors; (4) exploring the growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes and the sensitivity of the carbon nanotubes to various gases; (5) studying the ultrafast diffusion and high capacity of Li on phosphorene applied to the lithium ion-batteries. Dr. Ming Yu research achievements are 47 peer-reviewed research articles published in the methodology development of computational materials simulations, nano structures, amorphous magnetic alloys, electron correlation in chemical bonds.

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