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Prof. Michel Goldberg

Emeritus Professor
University of Paris
Tel: 066-267-6709

Prof. Michel Goldberg is a Professor at University of Paris, Paris, France. Prof. Goldberg honored with Distingish Service Award IADR(2003). - IADR Distinguished Scientist Award for Pulp Biology Research (2006) Academy of Dentistry International Fellow (2011). He aws awrded by Chair of the IADR Hatton Award and Chairman of the Working Group of the Pan European Federation/IADR (1998-2002). Prof. Michel Goldberg's research interests includes -Extracellular matrix and biomineralizations (phosphorylated and glycosylated proteins, proteoglycans, phospholipids, metalloproteinases) - Development of dental tissues : dentinogenesis, amelogenesis - Pulp biology, adult STEM cells, recruitment and differentiation- Tissue engineering - biocompatibility of restorative biomaterials with pulp cells.

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