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Editorial board member | Dr. Cesare Oliviero Rossi

Dr. Cesare Oliviero Rossi

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Calabria
Tel: +39-0984-492045

Dr. Cesare Oliviero Rossi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry. He is also a Founder and president of the Spin Off Kimical SRL. Dr. Rossi worked as a Researcher for the Faculty of Science at University of Calabria. He received his PhD degree in Chemistry in 2002, from University of Calabria. Dr. Rossi was awarded the gold medal for contribution to the Road Science, 2013 Best Elsevier Poster Prize for "Novel formulations based on colloidal systems for transdermal drug delivery" etc. He has two patents which includes Antifumes for bitumen and Organosilane-based adhesion promoter. Dr. Rossi research activity includes Surfactant self-assembly, Phase diagram and Thermodynamics of Surfactants, Biodegradable surface-active molecules, Bitumen etc.

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