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Prof. Ruggero Angelico

Department of Physical Chemistry
University of Molise
Tel: +39-0874-404-649

Dr. Ruggero Angelico is a Professor in the Department of Agriculture, Environmental and Food Sciences and Physical Chemistry at University of Molise. He worked as a Professor of Chemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Molise. Dr. Angelico's research resulted in obtaining three patents which includes "Innovative method for in situ production of vegetable plastic shortening", "A cationic surfactant-based adsorbent material for removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions" etc. He is a member of the Italian Society of Chemistry and the Center for Colloid and Surface Science. His research interests are centered on the micro- and nanometer scale of physical, chemical and mechanical properties of Soft Matter, Self-associated nanostructures in Liquid-Crystals etc.

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