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Dr. Gunter Roth

Group Head
Lab for Microarray copying
Center for Biological Systems Analysis (ZBSA)
Tel: +49 761 203-97167

Dr. Gunter Roth is Leading a group at ZBSA and is also an Associated Member and Principal Investigator at BIOSS, Excellence cluster, Germany. He served as Group head in Assays development at IMTEK, University Freiburg. Dr. Roth holds numerous patents which include Multiplexed digital PCR, Method for the spatial arrangement of sample fragment for amplification and immobilization for further derivatizations, Device and method for producing a replicate or derivative from an array of molecules, and applications thereof etc. He was honored with Innovation Price, Science for Life venture cup, Forster award, his team won Gold medal for DIAchip, 1st price Black Forest venture day for concept of Aptamer copying called AptaSWIFT etc. Dr. Roth's research interests focus on rate constants of bindings as well as from enzymes, binding kinetics to surfaces transport limits, viscosity, molecular crowding, re-binding effects, flow rates etc.

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