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Prof. Ramaz Katsarava

Professor & Director
Institute of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering
Agricultural University of Georgia
Tel: +995-3222-009-01

Prof. Ramaz Katsarava is a Professor of the Georgian Technical University, Head of the Research Centre for Medical Biotechnology & Bioengineering-US CRDF/RESCenter at GTU and Director of the Institute of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering at Agricultural University of Georgia, Georgia. He was honored with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Award (Gold Medal) for Outstanding Inventor (2007). Prof. Ramaz Katsarava's research interests includes New Polycondensation (PC) methods, Synthesis of heterochain polymers of different classes (polyamides, polyesters, polyuretanes, polyureas, etc.) using these new methods. Synthesis and study of novel biodegradable and biocompatible (bioassimilative) polymers poly(ester amide)s, poly(ester urethane)s, poly(ester urea)s and their copolymers, functional, unsaturated and water soluble polymers, hydrogels, etc. Practical applications of the new biodegradable polymers as resorbable surgical devices, sustained/controlled drug delivery/eluting systems (films, micro and nanoparticles), for constructing artificial organs, etc.

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