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Editorial board member | Dr. Zbigniew Polanski

Dr. Zbigniew Polanski

Associate Professor
Department of Genetics & Evolution
Jagiellonian University
Tel: 004-812-664-5085

Dr. Zbigniew Polanski is an Associate Professor and Head of Department of Genetics and Evolution at Jagiellonian University, Cracow Poland. He received his Ph.D from Jagiellonian University in 1995, Poland. He obtained his postdoctoral training at the Laboratory of Physiology of Development at the Institute of Jacques Monod, Paris and then lead for several years the research group at the Max Planck Institute of Immuno biology, Freiburg, Germany. Dr. Polanski research experience covers oogenesis, fertilization and pre implantation development with special emphasis to cellular mechanisms protecting against aneuploidy, epigenetic phenomena as well as gamete micromanipulations related to assisted reproductive technologies.

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