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Editorial board member | Prof. Sung Yong Lee

Prof. Sung Yong Lee

Professor of Internal Medicine
Chief of Pulmonar and Critical Care Department
Guro Hospital
Korea University

Dr. Sung Yong Lee is a Professor of Internal Medicine and chief of Guro Hospital, Department of Pulmonology at Guro Hospital, Korea University Medical Center, Korea University, Korea. He graduated from the Korea University Medical School in 1995. After one year internship Dr. Lee received resident-ship during 1996 to 2000 at Korea University Guro Hospital Department of Internal Medicine. He worked on cancer vaccine as a research fellow (2011-2013) at Department of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University, USA. Dr. Lee's research interest is primarily focused on Tumor immunology: a) DNA vaccine and potentiating strategies of their efficacy, b) Anti- PD-1/PD-L1 Antibody and their biomarker, c) Immunogenic cell death, d) clinical trials which are related with immunotherapy.

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