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Editorial board member | Dr. Kreso Bendelja

Dr. Kreso Bendelja

Head, Laboratory for Immunology
Center for research and knowledge transfer in biotechnology
University of Zagreb
Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: 385-1-641-4386

Dr. Kreso Bendelja is head of Laboratory of Immunology in Center for research and knowledge transfer in biotechnology institute at University of Zagreb (Croatia) that includes flow cytometry core. He obtained a PhD degree from University of Zagreb in 2007 but most of work was done at Brown University affiliated Rhode Island Hospital, Providence (USA). Prior this position he headed Cellular Immunology laboratory at Institute of Immunology, Zagreb and completed post-doctoral Fulbright fellowship in 2014 at Pediatric Department, National Jewish Health, Denver (USA). Dr. Bendelja's scientific focus includes innate and adaptive immune responses in acute infections (RSV and Gram negative bacteria) as well chronic diseases (IBD, cancer). Particularly, he is interested in a lipid inflammatory mediators and novel lipid antigens with the strong immunomodulating potential for clinical application.

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