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Prof. Bo Jin

Professor of Medicine
Department of Gastroenterology
Peoples Liberation Army Hospital
Beijing, China
Tel: 86-1-338-120-7136

Prof. Bo Jin graduated with a medical degree in 1985 and a PhD in 2005 in China. Additionally, he has completed fellowships at National Institutes of Health, USA and Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Japan. He currently holds a professorship and his research interests lie with immunology and liver fibrosis. His interests in liver fibrosis research focuses on the use of intrahepatic administration of collagenase for reversal of liver fibrosis and this work was one of the earliest that established proof-of-principle of these potential therapeutic agents. His immunological interest lies with double-stranded RNA induced immune response and its potential application in anti-virus and/or anti-cancer immunotherapy. Prof. Jin's work has received international recognition and he is an awardee of the Fellow's Award for Research Excellence of the National Institutes of Health, USA in 2004. He has published a number of papers in international academic journals and a chapter in a book titled "Cancer Vaccines:from research to clinical practice" by Informa Healthcare in 2011. He has participated in the capacity of an editorial board member in several international academic journals and is also actively involved in peer-reviewing of submissions of more than 10 international peer reviewed journals.

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