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Editorial board member | Prof. Hyeung-Rak Kim

Prof. Hyeung-Rak Kim

Department of Food Science and Nutrition
Pukyong National University
South Korea
Tel: 82-51-629-5847

Prof. Hyeung-Rak Kim is working as Professor in Department of Food Science and Nutrition at Pukyong National University, South Korea. He completed his Ph.D in Food Science from Louisiana State University and M.S. in Food Science & Technology from Pukyong National University. He worked as Associate professor in Department of Food Science & Nutrition at Chonnam National University. He also worked as visiting professor in functional food division at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Dr. Kim's research Interests include Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds in agricultural and seaweed products, recovery of bioactive compounds from novel and underutilized sources for food and biomedical and development of natural antioxidants/anti-inflammatory nutraceutical to prevent cardiovascular inflammation and osteoarthritis.

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