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Editorial board member | Dr. Shahla Mahdavi

Dr. Shahla Mahdavi

Department of Plant Science
University of Idaho
Parma research & extension center
Idaho, USA
Tel: 208-912-3100

Dr. Shahla Mahdavi is a Pomologist/Horticulturist. She received her ph.D in Horticulture-Physiology and Breeding in joint research between University of Idaho and University of Tehran. She was honored with Second Place, in the 2016 American Pomological Society (APS) UP Hedrick Student Award competition, Plant Growth Regulation Society of America (PGRSA) Travel Award, etc. She has registered patents on vertical mobile planting system consistent with the pattern of sun solar radiation, use of Cinnamomum camphora extract (CC Factor) on cut flowers vase life enhancement, in Preservation solution. Dr. Mahdavi's research interests includes in fruit production and root stock physiology, specialty/alternative crops, impact of environmental interactions on crop quality, precision agriculture, etc.

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