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Editorial board member | Dr. Filippo Canducci

Dr. Filippo Canducci

Microbiology Laboratory
Hospital San Raffaele

Dr. Filippo Canducci is a Scientist in the department of Microbiology. He completed his Ph. D in 2005 from Univerity of Trieste, Italy. He was honored with Carlo Urbani foundation Fellowship in 2004, Keystone Symposia fellowship award in 2005, Keystone Symposia fellowship award in 2007. Dr. Filippo Canducci research interests includes analyzing the variability of RNA Viruses, including HIV-1 and HCV by phylogenetic analysis or biological assays in the Laboratory of Microbiology and Virology. In 2003, he isolated and characterized the SARS Coronavirus strain HSR1, HIV-1 infection in in-vitro in-vivo by original phenotypic assays with a particular focus on HIV-1 resistance to novel integrase inhibitors and on identification of novel antiretrovirals.

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