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Editorial board member | Dr. Nagahito Saito

Dr. Nagahito Saito

Hematological clinician
Hematological section
Takagi hospital
Saga city

Dr. Nagahito Saito have made the research in the laboratories of both Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine and Asahikawa Medical University School of Medicine in Japan providing medical care of the patients with several blood diseases. He have specialized in the study of blood morphology by light and electron microscopy. He have applied both histochemical and silver enhancing immunogold method for light microscopy and both the histochemical and immunogold method in addition to the scanning electron microscopical one as ultra structural techniques. He began to research H.pylori which is known to make gastric carcinoma, MALToma and so on. I have morphological observed the nature and function of H.pylori adding to those of blood cells using ultra structural methods.

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