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Editorial board member | Prof. David R Black

Prof. David R Black

Professor Emeritus
Department of Health and Kinesiology
Purdue University
United States of America
Tel: 765-743-4001

Dr. David Randy Black is a Professor Emeritus in Department of Health and Kinesiology at Purdue University, United States. He is Associate Director of the Purdue Homeland Security Institute. Dr. Black completed MS in Strategic Planning from U.S. Army War College, doctoral degree at Stanford University in Psychology and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Stanford Heart Disease Prevention Program and Laboratory for the Study of Behavioral Medicine at the Stanford School of Medicine. He completed BA and MA in Psychology from California State University Fresno and Master of Public Health degree at San Diego State University. Dr.Black is fellow of five different health organizations and has received ~48 federal, national, state, organization, and university awards or recognitions for his contributions to public health and most recently in Homeland Security for service, scholarship, and grants manship. His research in the weight management nutrition-physical activity area began almost 4 decades ago. His first faculty appointment was at University of Nebraska Medical Center in the Department of Preventive and Stress Medicine and his subsequent faculty appointment has been at Purdue University where he has been since 1984. His primary research focus is on apply behavioral epidemiology and behavioral medicine concepts and principles to a variety of disciples/topics such as homeland security, service delivery programs that follow Occam’s razor, eating disorders, and “healthy” weight management.

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