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Editorial board member | Prof. Anahi Viladrich

Prof. Anahi Viladrich

Departments of Sociology & Anthropology
Queens College
The City University of New York
United States of America

Dr. Anahi Viladrich is a sociologist and medical anthropologist originally from Argentina. She is Professor in the Department in Sociology (with a courtesy appointment in Anthropology) at Queens College, and in the Doctor of Public Health Program at The Graduate Center, CUNY. Dr. Viladrich has published extensively on immigration, culture and health, both in English and in Spanish. Her latest book, More than Two to Tango: Argentine Tango Immigrants in New York City (The University of Arizona Press, 2013), was awarded with the 2012-14 Honorable Mention by the Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists of the American Anthropological Association.

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