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Editorial board member | Prof. Alfio Ferlito

Prof. Alfio Ferlito

Udine University Faculty of Medicine
ENT Clinic
Tel: +39-049-8686058

Prof. Alfio Ferlito serves as Professor and Chairman at ENT Clinic. He worked as Director for the Department of Surgical Sciences, Udine University Faculty of Medicine. Prof. Ferlito finished his Postgraduation in Otolaryngology and subsequently in pathology from Padua University Faculty of Medicine. He has been honored with several distinctions from professional ENT Societies including two Presidential Citations from the American Laryngological Association. Prof. Ferlito is also a member of several international societies which includes American Laryngological Association, Japan Laryngological Association, Italian Society of Otolaryngology and Cervico-Facial Surgery etc. His chief interests focuses on the promotion of international cooperation in head and neck surgery, oncology and cancer research.

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