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Prof. Eugene Pergament

Northwestern Reproductive Genetics, Inc
United States of America
Tel: 312-888-9910

Prof. Eugene Pergament is a President in Northwestern Reproductive Genetics, Inc. and Reprogenetic Research, L.L.C, Chicago. Prof. Pergament is a leading authority on reproductive genetics, prenatal diagnosis, chromosomal disorders, genetic counseling and bioethics. He had been instrumental in the development of chorionic villi sampling, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, clinical application of fluorescent in situ hybridization, genetic screening involving ultrasound measurements of nuchal translucency and biomarkers and noninvasive prenatal genetic testing. He completed B.S from Yale University, New Haven, M.S. and Ph.D. from Purdue University. In 1970 he completed M.D. from University of Chicago, Chicago. Prof. Pergament was awarded by Distinguished Volunteer Chicago Chapter of The March of Dimes in 1984 - 1987. Prof. Eugene Pergament's research interests includes Prenatal diagnosis, Prenatal screening of genetic disorders, Bioethics, Chromosomal disorders and Genetic counseling.

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