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Editorial board member | Dr. Zhiwei Huang

Dr. Zhiwei Huang

Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
National University of Singapore
Tel: +65-6516-8856

Dr. Zhiwei Huang is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the National University of Singapore, Singapore. He received his Ph.D in 1999 from Nanyang Technological University and M.Sc in 1990 from Fujian Normal University. Dr. Zhiwei Huang's research interests includes Biomedical Optical Spectroscopy (Raman, Fluorescence and Diffuse Reflectance) and Imaging in Biomedicine, Advanced Fiber-Optic Endoscopic Imaging, Nonlinear Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging. Endoscopic imaging, particularly centering on the development of nonlinear optical microscopy imaging techniques (coherent Raman scattering microscopy and multiphoton microscopy) and their applications in label-free biomolecular imaging, as well as novel endoscopic imaging and spectroscopy, enabling early detection and diagnosis of epithelial precancer and early cancer at endoscopy.

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