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Editorial board member | Prof. Giampiero Campanelli

Prof. Giampiero Campanelli

Department of General Surgery
Itstituto Clinico Sant Ambrogio

Prof. Giampiero Campanelli is a Professor of Surgery at University of Insubria. Prof. Campanelli is also Chief of Department of General Surgery in Itstituto Clinico Sant’Ambrogio, Milanoat, Italy. He is also Chairman of First World Conference on abdominal Wall Hernia surgery, President of European Hernia Society, Honorary President of AMHES Africa, Middle East, Hernia Society. He was awarded by Giuseppe Guidetti award for the best scientific contribution to the 1st National Congress of the Italian Society of Geriatric Surgery in 1987 and Asia-Pacific hernia Society, Honorary Membership for being dedicated to the advancement in the field of herniology, Singapore in 2011. Prof. Giampiero Campanelli's research interests includes minimal invasive surgery for abdominal hernia, in addition to the routine abdominal surgery. He has developed new approaches and surgical methods for reconstruction and repair of the abdominal wall MILA,HUG, PIPS (pubic inguinal pain syndrome), floppy abdomen post partum, THOPA).

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