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Editorial board member | Dr. Gary Heng-Liang Lin

Dr. Gary Heng-Liang Lin

Director of Fund Management Department
Deputy Director of Center for Innovation
General Secretary of Cell Therapy Group
Catholic Fu Jen University Hospital

Dr. Gary Heng-Liang Lin is currently working for Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital as a Director of Department of Fund Management, Deputy Director of Center for Innovation and General Secretary of Cell Therapy Group. Dr. Lin has academic experiences at Institute of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research, National Health Research Institute (NHRI) and been focusing on occlusive/ hemorrhage strokes, Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, diabetic nephropathy, myocarditis and polycystic kidney disease-related aneurysm. Dr. Gary Heng-Liang Lin received his Ph.D in 2001 from National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan. Dr. Gary research interests includes Drug and Med-tech repurposing, Clinical trial design, Translational research, Chemotherapy/ radiation related neuropathic pain (ICD G62.0/ G62.9/ D49.9) Malignant fatigue (thrombocytopenia/ purpura) (ICD R53.0), Mechanism of botanical-derived medicines, Specialty pharmaceutical formulation, Lyophilized technologies for PRP, antibody, stem cells derived factors.

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