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Editorial board member | Prof. Abdul Rahman Asif

Prof. Abdul Rahman Asif

Department of Molecular Medicine
George-August University Goettingen
Tel: +49-551-39-22945

Dr. Abdul Rahman Asif is Professor of molecular medicine and director research at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry, University Medical Center Gottingen (UMG). Beside this, he is responsible for diagnostic units at the UMG-laboratories. Dr. Asif has extensive experience in the field of clinical proteomics, in particular differential proteomics, target elucidation and characterization of PTM. His research group is collaborating with several national and international partners in wide range of clinical research topics. His teaching activities encompass a range of molecular medicine topics and investigative diagnostics. He has authored and co-authored more than 70 peer-reviewed articles on clinical proteomics and molecular medicine.His research interests include ChIP-o-proteomics, Diagnostics, prognostics and therapy monitoring marker for cardiovascular diseases, Identifying novel molecular targets of drugs, Protein - protein and protein - drug interactions, Immuno-proteomics for identification of new diagnostic and vaccine targets.

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