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Editorial board member | Dr. Suresh K Balani

Dr. Suresh K Balani

Drug Safety and Disposition Department
Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Company
United States of America

Dr. Suresh K. Balani is working as Director in Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Department at Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Co. in Cambridge, MA, directing preclinical drug development in Gastro-Intestinal and Central Nervous System diseases. Dr. Balani received his Ph.D. from Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, U.K., and subsequently Dr. Balani worked at National Institutes of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases, NIH in Bethesda, MD; Merck Research Labs at West Point, PA; and DuPont Pharmaceuticals at Wilmington, Delaware. In the past he has worked in the Oncology, Metabolic Diseases and Cardiovascular areas and contributed to R&D of drugs Indinavir, Sustiva, Singulair, Tirofiban, Caspofugin, Adcetris, and Ixazomib. Recently, he contributed to Entyvio for CD and UC in the US. His main interests include preclinical development of GI and CNS drugs by targeting different enzymes or proteins, with emphasis on innovative science. In the GI area, IBD and Gastroparesis have been the recent focus, investigating both small molecules and protein therapeutics for the development.

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