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Editorial board member | Dr. Daolin Tang

Dr. Daolin Tang

Associate Professor
Department of Surgery
University of Pittsburgh
United States of America
Tel: 412-623-7789

Dr. Daolin Tang is currently working as an Associate Professor in Department of Surgery at University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Tang received his medical degree from Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences in 2000 and his PhD degree from Central South University in 2007. Dr. Tang received several awards like Pancreatic Cancer Action Network-AACR Career Development Award, NanoString Technologies Award, The Thousand Talents Program for Distinguished Young Scholars (China), etc. His research interests include Regulation and function of Damage-Associated Molecular Pattern Molecules (DAMPs), e.g., high mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) and histone, in cell injury, cell death (e.g., apoptosis, necrosis, necroptosis, proptosis and ferroptosis), adaptation (e.g., autophagy), and their pathophysiological role in cancer (e.g., pancreatic cancer and leukemia) and inflammatory disease (e.g., pancreatitis and sepsis).

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