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Dr. Eddie Y K NG

Associate professor
School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Tel: (+65)-6790-4455

Dr. Eddie Y K NG is an Associate Professor in the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering College of Engineering from Nanyang Technological University. Dr. Ng Yin Kwee received his Ph.D at Cambridge Univ. with a Cambridge Commonwealth Scholarship. Dr. Ng Yin Kwee received his PG Diploma in Teaching Higher Edu., NIE-NTU. Assoc Prof Ng Yin Kwee research interest includes His main area of research is thermal imaging, biomedical engineering; computational turbomachinery aerodynamics; marine sustainable energy problems; computational fluid dynamics & computational heat transfer such as laser modelling, bioheat transfer analysis. He is the: Adjunct National University Hospital Scientist; Editor-in-Chief for the J. of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology; J. Med. Imaging and Health Informatics (Founding EiC); and strategy Assoc. Editor-in-Chief for World J. of Clinical Oncology; Assoc. Editor for Int. J. of Rotating Machinery; Computational Fluid Dynamics J. (CFDJ); Int. J. of Breast Cancer, Chinese J. of Medicine, Open Medical Informatics J., Open Numerical Methods J., J. of Healthcare Engg, J. of Scientific Conf. Proceedings, and J. of Bionano Science & many more; co-chairman for 15th Int. Conf. on Mechanics in Medicine and Biology (2006); co-chair of the working group on thermal imagers under Medical Technology Standards Committee by SPRING, Singapore (handling the international standardisation aspects for thermal imagers for ISO-IEC) etc.

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