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Dr. Don Liu

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, and Mechanical Engineering
Louisiana Tech University
United states of America
Phone: (318)-257-4670

Dr. Don Liu currently is the Contractor’s Trust Endowed Associate Professor in Mathematics & Statistics, and Mechanical Engineering at Louisiana Tech University, a Tier 1 national university in USA. He received his Ph.D. in applied mathematics in 2004 from the Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University and his prior Ph.D. in Engineering Thermophysics in 1998 from Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Liu’s research has been supported by NSF with a total funding of $0.75M as PI and $20M as Co-PI. He has contributed 84 publications and 13 invited talks including one keynote speech in an international conference in Hong Kong in 2014. Dr. Liu’s research areas include high order methods – spectral modal and nodal element method, medium order methods - finite element and finite difference methods, and discrete particle methods – smoothed particle hydrodynamics. In addition, Dr. Liu works on numerical solutions to partial differential equations, computational fluid dynamics, numerical heat transfer, modeling two-phase flows, computational geophysics, high performance computing with MPI, OpenMP, and parallel GPU computing.

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