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Editorial board member | Prof. Alexander Sirotkin

Prof. Alexander Sirotkin

Department of Zoology and Anthropology
Constantine the Philosopher University
Tel: +421-903561120

Dr. Alexander Sirotkin is working as Professor in Department of Zoology and Anthropology at Constantine the Philosopher University, Slovakia. Dr. Sirotkin is also specialist in biology of reproduction and leader in studies of some ovarian signaling substances (small RNAs, transcription factors, protein kinases, metabolic hormones a.o.). Dr. Sirotkin has get his RNDr. degree in the University of Leningrad (USSR), PhD gedree in the Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry (Leningrad,USSR) and DrSc degree in the Research Institute of Animal Production (Nitra,Slovakia). He worked as Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Head of the Laboratory and Project Leader in the Research Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics (Leningrad-Pushkin, USSR), International Laboratory for Biotechnolog(Nitra,Czechoslovakia), Research Institute of Animal Production/Animal Production Research Centre (Nitra, Slovakia) and Constantine the Philosopher University (Nitra, Slovakia). He had fellowships in Institute of Physiology and Genetics (Libechov, Czechoslovakia), Institute of Experimental Endocrinology (Bratislava, Slovakia), Research Centre of Animal Production (Dummerstorf, Germany), Institute for Animal Science and Animal Behaviour (Celle, Germany), Institute of Animal Science (Mariensee, Germany), University of Colonia (Colonia, Germany), Babraham Institute (Babraham, UK), University of Bristol (Bristol, UK), University of Nottingham (Sutton Bonington, UK) and other international research centers. His teaching activities included lectures in more than 10 universities and research centers, as well as the supervision of more than 50 undergraduate and PhD student works. Actually he have more than 500 publications, mainly in international biomedical journals and several books including recent monograph “Regulators of Ovarian Functions” (NY, USA, 2011). For the results obtained during his basic and applied studies and related publications in area of biology and endocrinology of reproduction he was nominated to a number of national and international awards.

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